Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mutual Connection... from Ashland

We left the system. .
sort of.. 2001... years ago.. to Midwest. ..
Began farmsteading 2004.. fascism. . kinda flushed us out of Oklahoma
. . . We went deeper. . Joining intentional community in Iowa. .. got
culty we left.. tried to do other community there.. we were committed,
the others original owners... to attached to their thing.. foiled. .

We drove Oregon trail for community here... not sure about timeline
for community here .  And where are the families?  Can Americans even
do community?. .
I have visited Costa Rica and a community there... we are in talks now
.. maybe arrange something. .
Got family and stuff here spread all over... love my country but not
the arrogance. . the perversion of our culture ... without justice ...
or if Americans continue like sheep.. brainwashed.. it's gone.. and so
should our sentimentality be...
Where are you now. We are looking for new entrepreneurial endeavour
as well.. find our blog at

Best to you and let's stay in touch..

congratulations on your courage to think and be outside the box. This
world needs more people like you.

We have been going through a drawn-out process of evolving away from
what The System wants us to be and toward becoming what WE want us to
be. Sounds corny even to me.

The thing about leaving the U.S. is saddening in a way because we like
to be among our people, and we may choose to remain in the U.S. even
still, but it is a wonderful and brave exercise to leave the U.S.
bubble and travel a little if you can afford it. (In fact, countries
like Panama are cheaper than the U.S. which is why a lot of poor old
people come here to live out their years.) The police state in the
u.s. is the biggest reason we have for wanting to leave it, but
another reason is the zoning laws in the u.s. which prohibit
communities on one piece of land. Perhaps communities will form anyway
so maybe it can work in the u.s. but we are sort of waiting to see
what happens in the u.s. because it is happening FAST, no?

We wish we had spent more time up front planning our getaway, but
there was no book to read or people to consult so we did it the best
we could. But we would have sold as much as made sense at the outset,
like the huge Sony wega TV that blocked the front of the storage unit
(eventually sold it for $100, I paid $1800) or the stupid refrigerator
and so on. Lose the sentimentality and lose the stuff, I feel we'll be
able to buy such things in the future off of someone else. Craigslist

Our greatest weakness is entrepreneurism. We don't have a history of
creating businesses and this is what we want to focus on next.

Panama is a good place to venture to, it's got a lot of gringos, a
long gringo presence, though blond-haired kids get a double-take
everywhere. Nicaragua also sounds great, cheaper and more primitive,
as in horse and buggies in many rural places. costa rica not so good I
have heard from many travelers whose info is fresh! things like it's
expensive, over-run.

Any bit of spanish you learn you will use. But no matter what you know
do it anyway as there is no way to really prepare for all that you
will encounter. There is much more to know and to communication even
than the spoken language. Bring a pocket dictionary, one that's easy
to carry, and phrase books are good. do you have children? if you do,
it's a priceless experience for them, (but don't expect them to thank

Thanks for your kind words. Do you have a blog or anything? Keep in
touch in any case. Perhaps we'll meet someday
Hi Guys,
> Hats off t...


What Unschooling is not

We cannot tell you what unschooling is when the point of unschooling is to unleash the individual. Because to nurture self-expression and inspiration and find the unique individual purpose within, is different for everyone.

We cannot tell you what unschooling is going to be for you and your children because unschooling is an individual experience. We can only refer to what unschooling is not. Each individual has a multitude of possibilities and inspirations. It is our role as parents to lend support and guidance so our children can realize their purpose as it comes to them.

This unfolding process can appear through examples and experiences, mentors. As long as you're there in support and as facilitator you offer opportunity to learn via freewill according to inner directive. That 'stewardship,' of our children, is the role as we see it, as parents. We learn as much from our children as we expect them to learn from us.

Unschooling is not instructive but constructive. Unschooling is not curriculum nor assessment based but more about becoming, about faith in natural processes unfolding, rites of certain passage. The best we can do most of the time is get out the way. Unschooling is not a rat-race but self-paced. Unschooling is not competitive but cooperative. Unschooling does not sacrifice the individual for the whole but waters the roots to enjoy the fruits..

At home with

At home with

Missing component in Education today

One critical missing component of typical education today is a focus on the development of Emotional Intelligence. You have probably heard of it. It ultimately has to do with the empowerment phase necessary of balanced education. This is opposed as you know to disempowerment. People who are achieved in emotional intelligence can actually put knowledge to work effectively. Those with limited experience in this area accumulate knowledge in the left brain while the right brain gets a headache. Connections become lost due to fragmented understanding. As coursework was taught to them in fragmented ways so goes the confused, undeveloped in emotional development and disempowered not knowing why. By designing the modern-cultural aspects of education devoid of relevant connection with emotional intelligence, modern culture is, by-design neutered. .. Devoid of the tools necessary for its' own empowerment. . Something critical to us all, at such rapidly transitory times.. We must evolve and Adapt. An immediate good first step could be a degree of Unschooling for all teachers with emphasis and inclusion to learning how to bring E.I. to the class.